What Is It Really like Working as a cabi Stylist?

What Is It Really like Working as a cabi Stylist?Sponsored by cabi

Back in January, I had the pleasure of attending my seventh cabi Scoop. At the event, I not only got to experience the Scoop as a cabi Stylist would, but I also got to talk to many fabulous and inspiring women who are part of the cabi family.

I have to say, I was completely blown away by each woman’s story and what lead her to cabi. While I wish I could have brought each of you along with me to the event, I have the next best thing.

Today we’re talking to three cabi Stylists about why they joined the direct sales opportunity and what it’s like working as a cabi stylist. What I think you’ll find interesting is that all three women come from entirely different backgrounds, each works the business in a different capacity, but they all share a common love for fashion.

Here’s what these three Stylists had to say about the cabi business opportunity.

Monica Koepnick 

How long have you been with cabi?

I started as a launch Stylist in Fall 2018, so Spring 2019 is my first full season. But, I’ve been a customer for over six years.

What Is It Really like Working as a cabi Stylist?Is this a full-time, part-time, or side hustle for you?

Side hustle all the way! I have an all-consuming corporate job, so cabi is my social outlet that fits into the few spaces left in my life.

What is your past job experience and/or schooling?

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Northwestern University. I’ve spent my career in Supply Chain working for multi-billion dollar companies.

What made you decide to join cabi?

So many reasons! But most importantly, cabi combines my favorite things – friendship and fashion! I’ve been a cabi customer for several years now, and a cabi hostess for most of those years. Every season, I buy more and more pieces, and I knew it was a matter of time before I had room in my life to jump in as a Stylist. While my girlfriends lead very busy lives, we always make time for the season’s cabi show. I work in a high-stress environment for a high tech semiconductor company, so being a cabi Stylist gives me a great social and creative outlet.

Attending Scoop as a guest last year set the wheels in motion and seeing the fall collection at a hostess preview was the final push that made me decide to jump in.

What do you love about cabi?

cabi just fits my life. I love the colors, the print mixing and matching, the fabrics, and how well pieces pair back to prior seasons. I feel like cabi is really hitting its stride – the clothes, the jewelry, the shoes are so chic. It’s what I call approachable fashion. I can be on trend, and yet it fits into my day-to-day life – going to work, the grocery store, or date night.

Anything else you’d like to include?

I spend so much of my day in a male-dominated environment. The vibe at cabi events, especially the Scoop, is such a refreshing change. So much positive energy! It’s incredibly inspiring to be part of such an amazing group of women!

What's It Really like Working as cabi Stylist?Stephanie Forrand

How long have you been with cabi?

17 seasons (8.5 years)

Is this a full-time, part-time, or side hustle for you?

Part-time. It fits in perfectly alongside my full-time job!

What is your past job experience and/or schooling?

I worked in the treatment room as a professional skin therapist for about 15 years, and now I work in outside sales.

What made you decide to join cabi?

I fell in love with everything about it right from the very first show! But my main motivation was that I wanted to make an extra 15K a year.

What do you love about cabi?

I love the community of like-minded women; I love the clothes, I love that I have 100% new inventory every six months! I love the connections I have made with my hostesses and clients; cabi is TRULY a company like no other.

Anything else you’d like to include?

For me, cabi has really been a catalyst for personal growth, and I am so grateful for that!

What's It Really like Working as cabi Stylist?Amber Stricklin 

How long have you been with cabi?

18 Seasons (9 Years).

Is this a full-time, part-time, or side hustle for you?

It has been all of the above at some point!

It started as a side-hustle to earn a deep discount on cute clothes that made women feel fabulous. Within the first month, it became a part-time focus because the commission was so good it just kept feeding my hustle and vision. And finally, I was able to more than replace my teacher’s salary and have now been a full-time cabi Stylist for almost five years.

What is your past job experience and/or schooling?

I have a Bachelor’s in education and taught students with mild to moderate disabilities.

What made you decide to join cabi?

Gosh … I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I was 11 years old. However, the cost of Art School to go into fashion design was not feasible, so I chose my second love which is helping students that struggle with learning and behavior. Honestly, I was a referral and reluctantly agreed to host a cabi show. Very quickly, I was blown away by how much fun a show was and how great the clothes fit ALL women and ALL ages. The clothes are made for real women’s bodies and made me feel more beautiful than anything I owned in my closet! I wanted it all, and so did everyone else at my show, so I researched the business and asked a million questions.

I had tried several other direct selling companies in the past and wanted nothing to do with cabi if the business model was even remotely close to that of most other direct selling companies. What I found was the complete opposite! I was blown away … the commission structure, the non-saturation policy, easily attainable bonuses starting out to help you offset your investment, the no risk factor with the end of season inventory sales being your financial safety net … I mean, I could keep going!

I saw cabi as a company with an opportunity so amazing that I couldn’t turn it down.

What do you love about cabi?

I love SO many things about cabi.

I feel very blessed to work in a field I’m so passionate about, but I know it’s cabi that makes it special. From the first Scoop I attended, I knew our leaders were very special. Kimberly Inskeep blew me away! The dedication of the Founders and really everyone at the home office. My own team leader, Michelle Kennedy, walked side by side with me, held a vision for me until I could realize it myself … and still does to this day almost ten years later!

I love that I get to do the same thing for my team members, helping them realize the potential in themselves. I love seeing a woman light up at a show after teaching her a few simple styling tricks that make her feel like a million bucks!

I love that I have the flexibility to stay-at-home with my kids and help my family members and friends at any time they need me! I love that I can make my own schedule around what I deem important. I love that when life gets tough, I can step back a bit and when I’m ready I can jump right back in … and there’s no one setting a limit to the success I can achieve. I love that my husband appreciates the flexibility, and at the same time, the financial contribution cabi provides.

And finally, I love that I am a part of a company that has a HUGE HEART for helping others … from the simplest of gestures to the amazing things, we are doing through The Heart of cabi Foundation.

Anything else you’d like to include?

I joke that cabi oozes from my soul! I started this career at 28 years old in a city where I was NEW and had no friends my age until cabi entered my life. I met one of my dearest friends turned team members through one of those first few cabi shows as a Stylist. And I can’t wait to grow old with her and this company …because cabi just keeps getting better year after year! I’ll be at least 80 before I “turn in my rack”!


If you love fashion and style and would you like to run a business from home, I invite you to check out the cabi business opportunity.

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What It's Really like Working as cabi Stylist?