Selling Promotional Products as a Kaeser & Blair Distributor

Selling Promotional Products as a Kaeser & Blair DistributorSponsored by Kaeser & Blair

This month I’m looking into the promotional product company, Kaeser & Blair. If you’re not familiar with Kaeser & Blair, they have been selling promotional products to business owners, schools, and groups since 1894. To sell these products, they use the direct sales model, where Distributors earn 50-60% commission on the gross profit generated on each order.

But what makes Kaeser & Blair, different from other direct selling opportunities?

Read on to find out more about this unique business opportunity that can be done from home.

The Kaeser & Blair Brand

Kaeser & Blair started in 1894 as the Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Company. However, in 1923, Dutch Kaeser and Bill Blair purchased the company and incorporated it into what is now known as Kaeser & Blair, Inc. While both founders have since passed, the company is still run by the Kaeser family, specifically, Kurt Kaeser who is the CEO and President, and Christy Kaeser who is the Managing Director.

Kaeser & Blair Products

As a Kaeser & Blair Distributor, you’ll be selling personalized promotional products to business owners, schools, and various organizations. Their product line consists of the following categories:

  • Writing Instruments
  • Calendars
  • Drinkware
  • Kitchen
  • Convention
  • Auto, Travel, and Personal
  • Outdoor, Games, and Tools
  • Bag and Coolers
  • Wearables
  • Flash Drives
  • Magnets

Of course, each category breaks down into a wide variety of products that can be personalized. Such as in Wearables you have different types of ball caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, and beanies. You can view the full Best Buys Product Catalog here. Many of the products are created using premium brands like Hanes, Port & Company, BIC, uni-ball, Sharpie, 3M Post-It, and Wilson. The pricing of products is typical to other promotional companies, in that larger volumes, have a lower price point per unit. For instance, in the example below, if the customer purchased 500 pencils, the cost would be $160.

Kaeser & Blair Distributor

Becoming a Kaeser & Blair Distributor

To become a Kaeser & Blair Distributor, you just fill out their simple online application, choose a starter kit, either $85 for the Standard Business Owner Package, or $299 for the Premium Business Owner Package. Each kit comes with online training, the Best Buys Catalog, and an assortment of promotional products. The Premium Business Owner Package also comes with a personalized website, business cards, and 100 Javelina Tropical Pens customized with your new promotional products business.

With the Standard Business Owner Package, your $85 start-up fee will be refunded when you make your first $1,500 in sales. If within 30-days you decide the opportunity is not right for you, you can return the starter kit for a full refund. The same holds true for the Premium Business Owner Package, f within 30-days you decide the opportunity is not right for you, you can return the starter kit for a full refund.

If you’re short on cash, or you’re not certain this is the right type of business for you, you can get your feet wet with their FREE Trial Launch Program. With this option, you’ll get a handful of product samples and a Best Buys Catalog. With these items, you can take them around and see if you can generate any interest.

Kaeser & Blair Distributor

How Much Can You Earn as Kaeser & Blair Distributor?

Once your application is received and processed, Kaeser & Blair will send you an email with access to the online training center. After you’ve reviewed the training assets, you’ll schedule a time to speak with a Kaeser & Blair Support Executive to talk about your strategies and goals for your new business. Once the preliminary steps are completed, you can start marketing your business to family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and potential prospects.

For each unit sold, you’ll earn 50% of the gross profit generated. Kaeser & Blair Distributors with an annual sales volume of $50,000 or more are eligible for the Accelerated Profits Program which gives them the opportunity to earn up to 65% of the gross profit generated on sales. Payments are paid daily via direct deposit or every Wednesdays via check.

Kaeser & Blair also offers bonuses, incentives, and awards to top achievers. And if you know others who would do well with the opportunity, you can recruit them into the opportunity and earn an additional 20% on items that your sub-business owner sells.

So, how much can you really earn as a Kaeser & Blair Distributor? According to their website, annual earnings for part-time business owners are $7,000 – $20,000 and for full-time business owners it’s $60,000 – $185,000.

A Testimonial From Kaeser & Blair Distributor


Kaeser & Blair’s business opportunity is unlike any other that I know of in the direct sales industry–which makes it very unique. Its commission structure is one of the highest, if not the highest that I’ve seen with 50-60% on personal sales, and another 20% from sub-business owners. They also have an excellent reputation, having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, winning numerous awards, and having been in business for over 100 years!

Their starter kits, training, support, and product prices are comparable to other companies on the market, but unlike other companies, they give individuals the chance to test out the business opportunity for free. They also have the within 30-day return policy of the starter kit if you don’t feel like the opportunity is right for you–again, I don’t know any other direct sales company that offers this sort of arrangement.

If you’re a go-getter and are looking to run a business from home, I think Kaeser & Blair could be an excellent option for you. To find out more about the opportunity, head on over to their website here.

What questions do you have about the Kaeser & Blair Distributor opportunity? Drop us a note; we’d love to hear from you.

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