MLM Software Live Sponsor Online

If you are in MLM Marketing or even thinking of being in the MLM industry you will want to book mark my profile! This is just the beginning of what is going to change the way that you sponsor and recruit people onto your team.
This is one of many videos to come that will document this unique software that will be available very soon.
• No more 3 foot rule
• No more visiting people one by one
• No more house parties
• No more bother your friends and family
• No more Cold Calling
• No more wondering how you find people to sign up
This software will show you how to incorporate Web 2.0 into your MLM plan. Long story short what ever team you are on or whatever product you are selling or recruiting for you will be able to be live online and interact in real time! Give your presentations to the masses without having to leave the comfort of your home. Be ready this software will help you generate endless leads.
For questions please call Jay at 210.355.5581

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