12 Home Decor Direct Sales Companies to Consider

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When you are looking for a home-based business opportunity, you will quickly find that there are a wide variety of companies out there that you can join. Between jewelry, make-up, clothing, skincare, and more, it can be challenging to pick the right one. If selling these types of items doesn’t appeal to you, what other options do you have?

Home decor direct sales have grown more and more popular in recent years. Decorating our homes with both functionality and aesthetics in mind has become the trend. Homeowners spend hours creating their perfect space and often need help doing so. That is where you can come in and help! If you have a passion for home decor and helping others, then here are a list of the top home decor direct sales companies you can join.

If you love DIY and home decor, Charlee Jack (CJD) gives you the opportunity to combine your two passions. CJD allows its customers to create customized wooden signs. They can choose to either create the signs on their own, by ordering online, or in a group at a hosted event. For people who aren’t interested in selling, and are more focused on creating, this is the perfect opportunity. All sales are made before the hosted events, so the consultants can focus on giving the guests a great experience while helping them create a unique sign.

If you have a passion for home decor and helping others, then here are a list of the top home decor direct sales companies you can join. #homebusiness #workfromhome #directsalesTo begin, consultants can purchase a $149 starter kit that includes the necessary tools to host a memorable experience. In addition, you must pay a $17 monthly website fee, which is waived the first month you join. Commission starts at 20% but can increase up to 25%. You can also earn bonuses based on your sales and the sales of your recruited teammates.

Another opportunity that allows you to flex your creative muscles is Alice’s Table, which is a flower arranging company. It is a fast-growing company that was featured on Shark Tank, which gave Alice’s Table a ton of publicity. Even if you have no previous flower arranging designs or floral designs, Alice’s Table provides all the training and recipes you need.

The start-up fee to join Alice’s Table is $699, and you will receive reusable items like aprons, clippers, buckets, water cans, and plant food. According to Alice’s Table’s website, it takes between two or three events to earn this money back. At the events, you don’t have to worry about selling because all the tickets are pre-sold directly on the company’s website. One thing to consider before joining the company is that you have adequate space to store the flowers. You typically receive the flowers the day before the event, and you will need a dry, cool, dark place to store them to keep the flowers as fresh as possible.

Chalky & Company allows you to create a unique product at painting workshops. Its customers can choose to purchase a variety of kits that can be used throughout the house. Or, if they want, they can buy individual items to create a unique product. Its product line includes paint kits, paints, embellishments, brushes, accessories, glazes, and finishes. Chalky & Company uses Painter’s Powder, which is a white powder made in the USA with all-natural ingredients. You can add this powder to any paint to create a shabby and chic look.

If you are passionate about making crafts, you can join Chalky & Company for $99, which includes a sampling of products, but does not include any supplies you might require for your parties. You also have to pay $10 each month for your website. Commission starts at 25% but can increase to 30% based on sales. You can also earn a commission based on your downline.

Created to provide a safe alternative to candles, Scentsy’s product line features scented wickless candles, decorative ceramic warmers, oil diffusers, and a variety of Scentsy fragrances. It is a top-rated direct sales company with more than 100,000 consultants in 11 countries.

To join, the start-up kit costs $99 and includes products, samples, and business tools to assist you in starting your own Scentsy home-based business. You can earn between 20-25% in commission, with the opportunity to get additional bonuses or go on free trips if you hit sales milestones.

5. Initials, Inc.

Initials, Inc has an extensive product line of goods to choose from including purses, totes, jewelry, and travel. The company also sells home and organization items like caddies, laundry baskets, storage bins, and organizers. For no additional cost, customers can personalize their items at no additional charge.

Creative partners can join for $99 and will receive $300 in value of products. You can start at a 25% commission, but have the opportunity to earn more as your sales increase and add members to your team. Initials, Inc offers a fast start bonus, as well as opportunities to win free products and trips.

6. Signature Homestyles

For the past 45 years, Signature Homestyles has delivered organization and decorating items to help transform your home. The company even offers storage items to keep your home declutter and clean.

For $79 or $159, you can get started and receive a sampling of product and supplies. You also must pay a $14.95 fee to access a replicated website, but this fee is waived the first month. All representatives can earn between 25-30%.

7. Mary & Martha

Mary & Martha is a faith-based home business opportunity that offers a variety of home and living items. The company offers a rotating seasonal catalog of items to keep the products fresh and interesting.  Some of its home decor items include picture frames, signs, decorative baskets, pillows, and decorative lanterns. Because its a Christian organization, most of the products will have a faith-based quote or Biblical verse on it.

Consultants can join for $125 or $175 and in exchange, will receive a variety of products. Each season the contents of the kits change, but it will carry at least business tools and catalogs. As a starting consultant, you make a 25% commission but can get bonuses based on monthly sales.  Like most direct sales companies, the more people you add to your team, the higher your monthly bonuses and commission check will be.

8. Linen World and More

Linen World and More has been in business for the past 40 years and is a family-owned company. It offers a wide range of products including blankets, throws, cleaning products, and bedding. The company releases a seasonal catalog so their customers can always find something new.

You can choose between three different positions: fundraising, marketing consultant, or in-home consultant. Regardless of what position you want, it is always free to join. This company also does not have any fees, quotas, or minimum fees that you have to meet each month. You might opt to purchase catalogs to help you sell more products later on. For each order you place for yourself, you will receive a 25% discount and a 20% commission on customer’s orders. Like many other direct sales companies, you do receive bonuses for hitting sales numbers and recruiting other consultants.

Back in 1909, a teacher named Mabel Baker began making candles in her kitchen, which eventually evolved into the PartyLite brand. Now, it is a top party plan company that sells in more than 20 countries. The company sells candles, flameless fragrances, and home styling goods like candle holders, taper holders, large tealight holders, and jar candle holders.

For $79, you can purchase a starter kit that includes all the business essentials to get started with your own PartyLIte business. According to its website, with one party a week, you are projected to earn $100 a week. All consultants start off at 25% and can make the sales in-person or online. You can also earn bonuses based on your sales and your downline.

10. Princess House

Founded back in 1963, Princess House has more than 37,000 distributors. Princess House started by selling handblown crystal and contemporary glass kitchenware. Now, the company has expanded to include a variety of kitchen goods like food storage, flatware, plates, cookware, and applicants.

The Princess House starter kit costs $139 and has a value of $585. It includes a sampling of products like casserole dishes, storage bowls, spatulas, and saucepans. To stay active, you must sell $350 at a single show every three months. Commission starts at 25% and on average earn about $125 a show. You can earn bonuses based on hitting sales thresholds each month and on your downline.

11. Simply Said

Simply Said focuses on home decor products and sells items like box shelves, trays, and many different styles of signs. It also has a variety of DIY projects that customers can order. One example is the DIY clock where you can choose the size and color of your clock, with easy installation instructions.

For those who want to join Simply Said, you don’t have to purchase a starter kit. Instead, if you submit an order that is more than $250, you will automatically be enrolled in the Designer Club. You immediately save 35% on your original order and any future order. You also have access to specials and promotions.

12. Smart Living Company

With more than 1,000 products in home decor, outdoor, fashion, and toy products, there is something for everyone at Smart Living Company. It’s home decor product line include shelves, mirrors, figurines, decorative signs, mythical decor, vases, pillows, and seasonal decor. Smart Living Company has been in business for the last 60 years and has helped more than 2.5 million people launch their own home-based business.

Consultants can join for $5.95 or $9.95 a month, and you will have to pay a small one-time signup fee. In addition, you get access to live customer support, a home business starter kit, product catalogs, and more. Depending on which plan you choose, you can receive between 30-55% discount on all products. Smart Living Company does not allow you to build a team under you. If you want to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your account, you can do so at any time.

Selling clothing or jewelry isn’t for everyone. If you want to sell home decor items, check out these companies to figure out which one is right for you.

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