11 Companies Like Avon To Sell From Home

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As one of the top-global direct sales companies, Avon has been a household name for generations. The company, founded in 1886, sells beauty, household, and personal care items. With an astounding 6.4 million representatives, it is the second largest direct-selling companies in the world. In fact, you probably know someone who was an Avon representative at some point.

Maybe the appeal of Avon is there for you, but you are looking for something different. Maybe you feel it’s just too saturated in your area. Today, we’re sharing some great companies like Avon for you to consider.

Companies with Low Investments Like Avon

Maybe the appeal of Avon is there for you, but you are looking for something different. Here are some great companies like Avon for you to consider. #directsales #homebusiness #workfromhomeEven though it is such a big company, there isn’t a big fee you have to pay to join. You only have to invest around $25 to join as a representative and start earning up to 40%.

Avon has one of the lowest investments required when it comes to direct sales companies. What are some other companies you can join inexpensively?

1. JR Watkins

JR Watkins has been in business for the past 150 years. JR Watkins boasts that its products are made with natural ingredients and contain no parabens Its product line include extracts, seasoning mixes, baking decorations, spices, cooking sprays, and more.

Consultants can join JR Watkins for $19.95, and you have a chance to earn $150.00 in free products in the new member challenge. How the commission works with JR Watkins depends on your monthly sales. You get a discount when you are placing orders on the website, but will collect the full amount from your customers. The discount ranges from 0% for monthly sales of less than $100 and ranges up to 35% for total monthly sales of $10,000.

2. Fuller Brush

Fuller Brush has been producing quality products from your home or business since 1906. It has an extensive line of cleaning products like cleaning brushes, disinfectants, floor cleaners, laundry pods, and more.

Fuller Brush is under new management, so the company recently changed its direct selling programs. People can now join under the new Dealer Program where you sell products to end users. To get started, you can purchase a starter kit ranging in price from $19.95 to $69.95. There is no information on the Fuller Brush website regarding how much they pay their dealers.

3. Linen World and More

Linen World offers an extensive line of products for the home. From blankets and throws to bedding, to cleaning products, the company provides everything you would need. Linen World changes its catalog twice a year to keep things fresh.

You can join the company as a Fundraising Ambassador, a marketing consultant, or in-home consultant. No matter which level you choose, it is always free to join.

You earn a 25% discount on orders that you place for yourself, and you get a 20% commission on products ordered from your customers. You can also earn bonuses when you refer others to become consultants and based on sales.

4. J.Elizabeth Boutique

J.Elizabeth is a relatively new fashion brand that tries to help its customers express who they truly are through their clothing. The company’s product line includes a women’s, men’s kid’s, and accessories line. The shirt styles vary and typically use will have a cute saying on it.

You don’t have to purchase a start-up kit to get started, instead, you enroll for $10 a month, which is waived your first month with the company. That monthly fee gets you a personalized website and training to get started. Stylists can earn between 20%-25% commission, and you can make a commission based on any stylists’ sales you recruit to your team.

5. doTERRA

doTERRA is a company that creates therapeutic-grade essential oils that can be safely used by all members of the family. The company’s product line includes single oils, blends, diffusers, personal care items, supplements, weight management, and more.

For $35 initial fee and a $25 yearly renewal fee, you can get started as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. With this membership fee, you receive a discount of 25%, and you can earn a 25% commission. Wellness Advocates make bonuses based on fast starts and recruiting new members for your team. doTERRA also offers incentive trips as bonuses and hosts retreats and conventions.

6. Sedalia Designs

Sedalia Designs is a jewelry company that has been in business for five years. On their website, you can find a variety of styles of jewelry, scarves, and home items.

To get started with Sedalia Designs, you can purchase a digital start-up kit for $19.99 which includes the business tools you need to begin your home-based business. With the kit, you also get ten pairs of earrings that you can choose to keep or resell.

With Sedalia Designs, you don’t have to keep an inventory, but you do have to sell $10 a month if you have a downline, but if you don’t have a downline, there are no monthly minimums. As a Sedalia Designs consultant, you earn 35% commission on all personal sales and a percentage of all the sales of your downline.

7. fibi & clo

fibi & clo is a unique home-based opportunity that markets a line of shoes including heels, sandals, flats, and boots, jewelry, and sunglasses. fibi & clo is a new company that was started in early 2017, but it is growing rapidly.

fibi & clo has a different way of doing things. The company allows you to start your business for free, and once you sign up you get a free replicated website and can make 15% retail commission on your purchases.

Commissions and ongoing costs are determined by your activity level.

Companies with Products Similar to Avon

For those who are interested in joining a company that sells similar products as Avon, here are a few companies to try out.

8. Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a well-known company that sells jewelry, bags, clothing, and more. The Stella & Dot family of brands also includes EVER (skincare products) and KEEP Collective (personalized jewelry), which all allow women to create a flexible business opportunity.

Starter kits start at $199, and you receive lookbooks, success guides, and a gift bag. You can choose to sell Steel & Dot products in person or online, with the ability to earn a 20-35% commission. You also get a 25-50% discount and free products based on your sales. When you sign up, Stella & Dot donates $50 to Dress for Success, a charity organization.

9. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a popular company that has spent the last 50 years empowering women. Mary Kay is one of the top beauty brands and has direct sellers in nearly 40 countries around the world. Its product line includes skin care items, makeup, body & sun items, fragrance, and a men’s line.

Consultants can earn up to 50% on everything sold at retail prices Mary Kay hosts trips that you can get based on your sales and adding to your team. The company offers attractive bonuses like a pink Cadillac based on monthly sales and how much your team sells. By joining Mary Kay, you are joining a well-established company and a strong community of consultants.

10. Arbonne

Arbonne is another popular direct-sales beauty company with a similar product line as Avon. Their link includes skincare, bath, makeup, hair, and more. Arbonne has been in business for nearly 40 years and uses only pure ingredients.

To join the company, it is relatively inexpensive at just $49. You can start earning a 15-30% commission on all orders, with the chance to earn cash bonuses. As you add to your team, you can start making more money based on your team members sales. Consultants can work towards earning a Mercedes-Benz or annual trips.

11. Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields was started by two dermatologists who wanted to redefine the future of anti-aging skincare. The company’s product line includes a variety of skincare regimens that care help visibly reduce the signs of aging, lines, and pores.

Rodan + Fields offers a variety of options to get started, including a kit you can purchase for just $45. The kit includes business-building materials and a product guide. You can receive money from a variety of ways. You can earn retail profit from saying the products to customers in person or over the internet. You can make between 16-33% on each sale. You can also receive a 10% consultant commission which you can qualify to receive based on your monthly sales. Consultants can also be awarded bonuses based on the sales of members you add to your team.

While Avon is one of the biggest direct sales companies out there, it isn’t the only one that can work for you! No matter if you are looking for a more affordable option, or a company that has a similar product line as Avon, you can find a great direct-sales company that can help you make a flexible income.

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